BBnaija: The real-life squid game.

Bigbrother Naija is a reality TV show that has gone on for a total of 6 seasons, the current one making its seventh, The ‘Level up’ season.

The reality show has roused a lot of Nigerians, the old and the young, to make crazy accusations online and proclamations, even threats of the antichrists and such; it is safe to say that the show gets enough PR without even trying, but what stands out in the current season of this reality show?

This show started on a Saturday, welcoming 12 housemates, calling them level 2, then continued on Sunday to welcome 12 more housemates and calling them level one. These housemates were separated into different houses and subjected to the big brother’s game; now, it is only fair to admit privilege when privilege exists.

It appears that bbnaija has segregated the housemates in that manner, despite that they stated and showed us that the selections were made freely and fairly. The show’s dynamics prove otherwise; it now seems like the ‘level up’ season is a social experiment to checkmate if the lower and upper classes will survive given the same conditions.

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