Health Corner: Best ways to start eating healthy

Hi guys, and welcome once again to Gleetz Health corner, your ideal week starter.

So, this article is for those who are keen about their health without necessarily breaking a sweat, especially when it’s all about staying healthy and looking after yourself with regards to what you eat. Below are some tips on what you should eat and not eat in order to stay healthy.

• Eat more vegetables, or basically just add more of vegetables to your menu.

• Try as much as possible to cut down on refined food items.

• Go for safer cooking oils

• Reduce your intake of processed foods and junks

• Stay away from Alcohol or simply limit intake.

• Be conscious of expiry dates on all products that bear them.

So, there you have it guys. We do hope this read has been helpful in some ways. Do drop a comment or share your thoughts in the comment box.

See you next time!.

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