2022: 3 Days in, 37 more to go


Welcome to the forty days of January, we’re just three days in and a lot is going on with the netizens already, it’s starting to seem that our problems crossed over with us.

For example; we have to go back to work?

Back to the ghetto? Can’t we just be fatten up everyday like Hansel and Gretel, minus almost being eaten part.

And school?

Do we just go back to that like it isn’t a force draining out our livelihood. Why all this pretense in the world?

On to more pressing matters, Chief daddy came out and if ‘mid’ had a love child with ‘below the bar’ it wouldn’t want to be friends with chief daddy 2 so as to not reduce it’s social hierarchy.

We all make a collective plea to Nollywood this year to stop playing on our intelligence, we are not blind or deaf.

Finally, before I leave you to think about how you will survive the remaining 37 days of this month, have you written down your goals for the year?

Do that now, thank me later.










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