5 Ways to look sharp while working out

So, some persons have asked one too many times what the need to have an enjoyable workout session(s). Well, here you go. And in this article, I won’t just be helping you out with the needfuls for having an enjoyabke workout, I’ll also be highlighting the right way to go about working out with less hassle.

Okay, I know I’m nowhere near a gym instructor or anything of the sort, but as a fitness enthusiast who enjoys being in my best body while I go about my rounds of tourism escapades, I understand how important it is to do my exercises indoors, and hit the gym most Saturdays. I think I can pass for a fitness counsellor with that yeah?

Well, below are a few things to keep in mind to look great while working out;

1. Go for fits: This is literally a no brainer, I mean who goes to a workout session with baggy wears?. You need to understand that your gym wear selections must be top notch. Go for wears that fit your body so well. It could be a roundneck shirt, Armless, a permissible singlet and a pair of shorts or joggers would do. All of these suffices for laides too, except of course you prefer a gym bra or the GPS types worn by footballers coupled with a pair of leggings. They are all really cool.

2. Don’t wear cotton: Ensure not to wear a cotton fabric when hitting the gym. Well, not that It’s overly bad though, but since It’s going to be an intense workout session and you’d agree with me that it won’t make too much of a sense to have sweat patches all over. Instead settle for breathable and possibly permissible materials.

3. Leave it simple: For the lady folks. Well, it’s not a movie date or a ball. It is an exercise session, so you apparently don’t need the make ups, earrings and other accessories. You’ll end up ruining them.

4. Have a workout playlist: The importance of working out with your ears plugged can’t be over emphasized. The vibes and feelings you get from the beats spurs you to go the length with your workout reps and what have you. So, simly try to create a workout playlist on your phone that will contain your best songs.

5. Take Pictures: Could be for the gram, but most importantly for your progress. Someday you’ll look at those pictures and be proud of how far you’ve come with your workout routine.

I do hope this bit has been helpful, do like, comment and share if you find it enlightening.

See you next time.

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