Cholera Outbreak in Lagos State: Fatalities Reported Across LGAs

The Lagos Ministry of Health has confirmed a significant rise in cholera cases within the state, with reports indicating a concerning spread across multiple local government areas (LGAs).

According to the latest statement released on Saturday, Commissioner for Health Professor Akin Abayomi disclosed that the outbreak has resulted in 350 suspected cases reported across 29 wards. Out of these, 17 cases have been confirmed positive for cholera, with 15 fatalities recorded so far.


The outbreak, which is characterized by the severe Cholera sub-type O-1, has prompted heightened surveillance and monitoring efforts across affected LGAs. Commissioner Abayomi explained that while there has been a decrease in cases in previously affected areas due to interventions, new cases are coming up in LGAs that were previously unaffected. This change shows the importance for residents to strictly adhere to precautionary measures, including personal and environmental hygiene practices.


“Our laboratory investigations have confirmed the severity of the Cholera sub-type O-1 associated with this outbreak,” stated Abayomi in the ministry’s official statement, as signed by Director of Public Affairs Tunbosun Ogunbanwo. “The daily pattern of new cases varies, reflecting ongoing surveillance efforts to contain further spread.”

The ministry emphasized the importance of public cooperation in combating the outbreak, urging residents to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their health. As the situation develops, health authorities continue to implement measures aimed at curbing the transmission of the disease across the state.

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