5 Reasons why you should watch more animes

For some reason that over time I have begun to question, people shun the idea of watching anime, yes there are those heavily invested in this animated Japanese show but as much as they exist, the ones who completely detest the idea do.

And then there’s me, people who have a soft spot for animes, may not exactly gush over them, but acknowledge their necessity in life.

This is why I am here to show to you non-anime watchers why you should try watching it..

1. The characters are unique and interesting, like literally, there is always something unique about anime characters. You’re almost always sitting at the edge of your seat to find out

2. It has a global community; in lay man’s terms don’t you want to understand things like this video
The bars were incredulous man.

3. The story lines are off the charts, you could go from watching two characters confess undying love in one anime to watching a student’s fingernail chopped off because of a bet.
That last actually happened yo!

4. They don’t get cancelled, in your face viewers rating!

5. You learn some very interesting things that you wouldn’t normally know about the Japanese culture.

You’re welcome!

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